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Drum Rack - Commercial

Commercial Drum Rack

Our Commercial Drum Rack range is versatile and adaptable. We can either supply these with 1, 2 or 3 bay (the one in the above photo is a 3 bay unit) depending on your companies requirements. Each bay can hold up to 6 spindles from drums of cable to sit on. There are 3 spindles towards the front of the rack and 3 at the back. The back rack is ideal for storing smaller drums of cabling whilst the front rack is better suited for larger drums as these are bulkier and heavier to handle. Another feature that can be offered is a chain block option, this allows you to lift a spindle that has a heavy drum loaded on it into and out of the rack pocket (a sample of this option is also shown in the above pictures)

It is easy to remove and replace the spindles once loaded as they load in from the top of the bracket and slot into place (see attached photo of close up of the bracket that holds the spindle).

Note this unit is bolted to the floor so cannot easily be moved once in place. This racking is more suited for electrical wholesalers or contractors who have multiple drums of cable that they require access to and storage of.

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