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Floor Box Standard

Standard Floor Box

Standard Floor Box:

  • Cat5e rated and can hold 2 Z Brackets
  • supplied in the following options:
    • power only - 2 or 4 switched power outlets (power outlets supplied)
    • power only - 4 or 8 unswitched power outlets (power outlets supplied)
    • data only - 4 or 8 RJ45 connectors (connectors not supplied)
    • power and data - 2 x switched power outlets and 4 x RJ45 connectors
    • power and data - 4 x unswitched power outlets and 4 x RJ45 connectors
  • box dimensions are 230mm x 210mm x 65mm deep. 

Note: our floor box range can be supplied with any of lid range as all lids fit all boxes.

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