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15.Polywater® Fiberglass Wax & Buff Wipes

Hot Stick and Boom Maintenance

W-1™ Fiberglass Wax & Buff Wipe:

  • satisfies the waxing portion of this requirement:
  • convenient, wax-saturated, lint-free wipe
  • dual action tandem pack includes dry buffing towel
  • superior quality, fast-hazing fiberglass wax
  • suitable for rubber and porcelain materials
  • easy to apply
  • does not remove or adversely affect gel coat
  • leaves non-conductive water repellent coating
  • prevents continuous water film on stick in wet weather
  • designed for one time use and easy disposal.

Link to W-1™ Fiberglass Wax & Buff Wipe Safety Data Sheet

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