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Humble Beginnings

Powerhowse Electric was founded over 50 years ago by Bill Howse whose skills, intelligence and hard working nature to design and build products for the cable hauling industries and more was constantly challenged and triumphant. 

His growing experience with different electrical jobs and his father as his main influence and teacher in his path to electrical supplies and heavy machinery, many beginnings started with an idea and the idea for Powerhowse Electric started with family.

"My cousin Donald Howse, a small contractor, had a problem with a large drum of cable for a school job. So I said we can build a jack to handle this drum and this was the start of Powerhowse Electric Ltd cable hauling... which has proven to be very successful." - Bill Howse, 2014

Since that first day, Powerhowse Electric has proudly grown to become a trusted source for all electrical and cable hauling supplies that can also be hired or purchased, valuing customer service  with a respectable and seasoned team dedicated to providing the best in quality and reliability.

Why Powerhowse

Expertise and Experience

Powerhowse Electric has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who have been serving the electrical industry for years. They have the knowledge and skills to handle any hauling project with ease and efficiency.

Customizable Solutions

Powerhowse Electric understands the needs of their customers, that is why we can offer custom solutions that are tailored to meet specific requirements of each customer. Powerhowse Electric has got you covered.

Commitment to Quality

At Powerhowse Electric, quality is the top priority. We only use the highest quality components and materials. Whether you are a commercial, industrial, or residential customer, Powerhowse Electric is dedicated to delivering the best possible solutions.

Our Team

Meet the Team

The Team at Powerhowse Electric is dedicated and knowledgeable. We deliever exceptional service, with the commitment to excellence, our team sets the standard for quality and reliability.









Why Powerhowse

Expertise in the Industry

Highly trained and experienced professionals who have been serving the electrical industry for years.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Our customers always comes first and we will work with you diligently to ensure your job is successful.

Dedication to Quality

We only use the highest quality components and materials to give our customers reliable and long-lasting products.
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Hear from our satisfied customers! Read real testimonials from clients who have trusted PowerHowse Electrical for their electrical needs. Discover why we are the go-to company for quality and reliable service.


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