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Improve your experience with our quality NZ muanufactured equipment, and premium gear from our global partners. Reliable solutions for all your cable installation needs.

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Explore your cable installation needs from our vast range of products, designed to reduce friction and protect your cable assets.

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Welcome to Powerhowse Electric, your trusted source with over 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing heavy electrical cable hauling products for hire and purchase. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. With our wide range of electrical supplies, including cable handling, event equipment, and more, we are your one-stop shop for all your electrical needs. Let us be a part of your success story.

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At Powerhowse Electric, we are proud to work with industry leaders to bring you the best products and services. Our partnerships with Polywater and Condux International allow us to offer you the highest quality electrical supplies and unparalleled support. With decades of experience and a commitment to innovation, our partners are an integral part of our mission to serve you better.

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