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Hauling Rope

We offer a range of different types of ropes. The most common rope that we sell and hire is the Duradan Rope. This rope is an excellent all-purpose rope that comes in a range of sizes from 3mm to 48mm. Lengths of rope vary for 110m to 1000m. The Duradan Rope is made from a blending of Polypropylene and Polyethylene resins.

We have recently added Superdan Rope to our stocks. This rope has superior strength with excellent abrasion resistance. Superdan Rope is flexible, easy to handle and fully splicable.

We can also offer Dynice 75 Rope, this rope is only available in our sales department at the moment. Dynice 75 Ropes are made from Dyneema SK75 fibres. Dynice ropes exceed the strength of steel wire ropes of the same diameter. It has a low elongation, is extremely flexible and can float on water.

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