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QuickFitting Cable Pull

Get the QuickFitting Cable Pull and easily pull cables with ease

Product Details

  • Quickly and easily attaches to a cable, ready for pulling
  • The patented push to connect technology provides a lower profile and easier pulling of cable through conduit, cable trays etc
  • Offers an alternative to crimp-on or wire mesh pulling devices= saving time and money
  • Available in many sizes with multiple lanyard lengths
  • Supplied as a ready to use item
  • No special tools required
  • Please see Datasheet or contact us for more information

More Product Details

Powerhowse's QuickFitting Cable Pull is the perfect solution for quickly and easily attaching to a cable and ready for pulling. Available in sizes QFPD-30, QFPD-250, QFPD-300, QFPD-500, QFPD-600, QFPD-750 and QFPD-1000, this product is the perfect choice for all of your cable pulling needs. With the QuickFitting Cable Pull, you can easily and quickly move and attach cables with ease and precision. 

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