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Cable Sock

Secure cables with various options available in Powerhowse Cable Socks Range.  

Note: Check the Datasheet PDF below to ensure you have the right sock for your application and always follow cable manufacturer guidelines when cable hauling.

Product Details

  • Fit onto the end of a cable using correctly rated Swivel or Shackles
  • Join cable to hauling rope
  • Available Cable Socks to suit different size cables and different applications: general purpose Single Eye Cable Sock general purpose Double Eye Cable Sock general purpose Lace Up Cable Sock Multi Strand Single Eye Cable Socks Fibre Hauling Socks.
  • Please see Datasheet or Contact us for more information

More Product Details

Powerhowse's Cable Stock is an essential tool for securing cables in a variety of applications. Our cable stock is designed to fit onto the end of a cable using correctly rated Swivel or Shackles, making it easy to join your cable to hauling ropes or other equipment. The cable stock is available in different sizes and styles to suit different cable diameters and applications, including general purpose Single Eye, Double Eye, and Lace Up Cable Socks, as well as Multi Strand Single Eye and Fibre Hauling Socks. Trust Powerhowse's Cable Stock to ensure a secure and reliable connection for all your cable management needs.

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