Product | Coil & Measure Line - Short

Coil & Measure Line - Short

Introducing the Coil & Measure Line, the perfect tool for measuring and cutting lines with ease


  • Supports decoiling of the mother drum
  • Assists with decoiling to specific lengths of cable, rope or hose
  • Handles 5mm to 30mm diameter cable or tube
  • Mechanical reset to zero
  • Four wheel based trolley pallet which allows easy movement in warehouses
  • Spool attachment for single spool of cable, rope or hose
  • 1-year warranty
  • Please see Datasheet or contact us for more information

More Product Details

The Coil & Measure Line is a versatile and convenient tool for measuring and cutting lines with precision. The compact design and built-in measuring tape make it easy to handle and transport. The bright orange color ensures high visibility while working and the durable construction ensures it will last. The Coil & Measure Line is perfect for construction, landscaping, and any other outdoor or indoor project that requires measuring and cutting lines.

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