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Drum Roller Duo Spindle

Introduce the Drum Roller Duo Spindle - the ultimate drum handling solution


  • Can hold either one wider drum or two smaller drums
  • Rated to hold two drums of cable up to 50kg each
  • Length of each roller individually is 280mm
  • Total length of the two sets of rollers is 590mm
  • Length of the roller including the handles is 640mm
  • Side cheeks that can be raised or laid flat
  • A spindle that runs through holes to prevent the drum 'walking off' the rollers when in use.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Please see Datasheet or contact us for more information

More Product Details

The Drum Roller Duo Spindle is an innovative and efficient tool for moving drums. The unique dual spindle design allows for easy movement in any direction, even on rough or uneven surfaces. The drum roller is constructed of durable steel and can handle drums up to 800lbs. It features a foot-operated pump that raises and lowers the drum onto the roller wheels for easy movement. It also has a safety strap to secure the drum in place. The Drum Roller Duo Spindle makes drum handling easy, safe and ergonomic. Save time and energy with the Drum Roller Duo Spindle.

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