Product | Polywater® FTTx Lubricant

Polywater® FTTx Lubricant

Powerhowse offers Polywater® FTTx Lubricant, A Convenient Lubricant for Pushing or Pulling.

Product Details

  • Maximum friction reduction with ultra-thin coating levels
  • Spray or wipe application that dries quickly
  • Cleaner pull process when compared to traditional wax and gel lubricants
  • Long-lasting residue continues to lubricate even when dry
  • Suitable for a variety of cable jacket types

More Product Details

Polywater® FTTx is a highly concentrated sprayable lubricant that greatly reduces cable friction with only a thin coating. The convenient application makes it a cleaner process compared to traditional wax and gel lubricants. Suitable for all types of communication cable and provides the lowest tensions in fiber drops, pushing cable, and data and OSP cable installations.

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