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Drum Roller Duo Spindle

Drum Roller Duo Spindle

Our Drum Roller Duo with Spindle gives you a lot of options when it comes to a Drum Roller. This roller can hold either one wider drum or two smaller drums, each one on its own set of rollers.

The overall length of the two sets of rollers is 590mm and the length of each roller individually is 280mm. The roller can hold a maximum of 2 x 50kg drums of cable and the length of the roller including the handles is 640mm.

Our Drum Roller Duo with Spindle roller comes with side cheeks that can either be raised or laid flat and a spindle that runs through holes in the side cheek and through the centre of the drums whilst on the rollers. This will prevent the drum 'walking off' the rollers when in use.

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