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16.Polywater Rubber Goods Cleaner

Polywater Insulated Rubber Goods Cleaner

Polywater® Rubber Goods Cleaner is a specially formulated waterbased
cleaner for removing grease, dirt, carbon, creosote, and other
grimes from insulating blankets, lineman’s gloves, rubber sleeves,
jumper cables, hot jumpers, and line-hose. Polywater® Rubber Goods
Cleaner is safe for use on all natural and synthetic rubbers.
Unlike other water-based rubber cleaners Polywater® Rubber Goods
Cleaner contains no hazardous ingredients and is pH neutral, making
it safe for use on skin. Polywater® Rubber Goods Cleaner is also
completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.
Polywater® Rubber Goods Cleaner is ready to use and is available in
multiple, convenient packages. It works well as a daily cleaner for field
• Great pre-wash prior to machine washing
• No mixing required
• Excellent cleaning power
• Harmless to all elastomers (rubbers)
• Multiple package options
• Environmentally friendly
• Non-toxic and non-corrosive
• Not an RCRA-regulated hazardous waste

MSDS Polywater Rubber Goods Cleaner

Video Rubber Goods Cleaner

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